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CitruSolution of Roswell, GA

Our Carpet and Upholstry Cleaning Process

CitruSolution is a zero residue cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit! Our cleaner is powered by citrus cleaning agents extracted from citrus peels. You take your fine clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid damage caused by soap and water; the same should be true when cleaning your carpets.

The CitruSolution process does not leave any residue in your carpet, unlike other carpet cleaning services which use water extraction to remove a portion of the soap solution used on your carpet. They are never successful in removing 100% of the soap solution. Because this soap solution is not completely removed, dirt will immediately begin to adhere to the carpet fibers. The CitruSolution is constantly repelling the dirt from the carpet fibers. With a weekly vacuuming program, your carpet will stay cleaner, longer.

But don't take our word for it, see below for some before and after photos:

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Cleaning your Carpet

First, we spray the carpet with a light mist of the CitruSolution - enough to make the carpet fibers slightly damp, but not enough to get the padding wet. One of the problems associated with hot water extraction methods.

We use an industrial buffer with a circular brush and a cloth pad under the machine to brush the carpet. This brush circulates at 3 revolutions per second and ensures that all the carpet fibers are covered with the CitruSolution. While the fibers are being brushed, the cloth pad is constantly wiping the carpet fibers and picking up the dirt and stains that are being repelled by the CitruSolution. The buffer is very heavy and the weight of the buffer presses the brush into the carpet fibers to remove any deeply embedded soil, dirt, and hair. The weight of the buffer (about 100 pounds) is an important key to extracting the dirt from the carpet.

After the carpet is brushed, the CitruSolution actively works to brighten the carpet to its original color. The carpet is still slightly wet, but will dry quickly. Note: The carpet pad is not wet - only the carpet fibers that required the cleaning.

After a few minutes, we vacuum the carpet with a commercial vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is very powerful and ensures that all the loose dirt and hair is removed from the carpet. The carpet is now clean and will dry very quickly. Most carpets are dry within two hours, and the room will retain its citrus fragrance for several days.

Cleaning Your Upholstery

Your upholstery is cleaned using the same CitruSolution used in cleaning your carpet. First, we apply a light spray of the CitruSolution to the fabric. Then, we extract all the oils and dirt in the fabric. Then we respray our cleaner and a deodorizer onto the fabric and completely hand rub all surfaces. Cleaning the furniture this way is insures that it is clean and safe from any chemical residue. Your furniture will look and smell wonderful.


Read what our clients have said about their experiences.
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Ralph P., Roswell

“Greg did an awesome job. He was extremely busy, and still changed his schedule to accommodate ours. He even called to tell me he was going to be early. Great job, the carpet looks new after 15 years. Smells great, safe for the kids and pets. Highly recommend. Very Trustworthy, dependable, courteous.

David W., Roswell

“Greg has performed carpet cleaning services for us on a number of occasions. He has always been very accomodating and professional. The results of his work has been fantastic. Greg was willing to go the “extra mile” to make sure that we were satisfied. Greg also offered to make a return trip if we had any additional spills after his cleaning. I would highly recommend Greg and Citrus Carpet. Greg delivers an excellent product at a great value!

Jenny C., Roswell

“Our carpets are 16 years old and WHITE! I didn’t think it was possible for them to ever look decent again, but I was wrong. Greg Pierce’s CitruSolution carpet cleaning system is incredible, and actually made our carpets look like new. I was really amazed at the result. Greg was extremely pleasant to work with, efficient, professional and bent over backwards to ensure all was done to our satisfaction. I highly recommend Greg and will refer all my friends to him!”

Mike B., Alpharetta

Greg Pierce provided the best carpet cleaning service I have ever received. He not only made my carpets sparkle, but also left me cleaning products far superior to anything I could buy at the grocery store. At first I was skeptical of citrus-based cleaning agents, but now I’m sold. Greg is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and always makes my carpet needs a priority. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Casey, Roswell

“Greg did a phenomenal job for us. He was thorough and efficient. The product, CitruSolutions, was great! We had years of stains built up in high traffic areas, from pets and plain living. The citrus cleaner left a pleasant scent in our home. Greg’s cleaning allowed us to forego replacing our carpets and get more life out of them. I highly recommend Greg and CitruSolutions!”

Steffen L., Roswell

“Greg did a great job at our house. On-time service and absolutely NO surprise mark-ups that most carpet cleaning companies provide. The price he quoted was the price we paid... period. He was on time and very efficient, and my carpets have never been cleaner! We will definitely hire Greg and CitruSolutions again.”

Steve Martin DMD, Alpharetta

“After 2 unsuccessful professional carpet cleanings for my dental office I had given up and resigned myself to buying new carpet. I decided to give CitruSolutions a chance and am VERY pleased with the result. The carpet looks brand new and the work was done precisely at the scheduled time. Very professional and effective.

Julie L., Atlanta

CitruSolution is awesome! Always quick to respond for spot cleaning (and will even gift temporary tips on how to keep the stain from setting) and work around our schedule. When the carpet is clean, there is not an overwhelming smell but a pleasant fresh hint of citrus. I would recommend them to any office or residential individual looking for someone who is professional and knowledgeable.”

Becky S., Roswell

“CitruSolution of Roswell is wonderful. I have used them several times to clean my carpets. They move my furniture, meticulously clean the carpets and replace the furniture. Greg is always on time and very neat. I highly recommend and have recommended this company to my friends!”

Jana B., Alpharetta

Greg is professional, shows up on time, well presented and just an all around great person. He makes sure to keep all of his machines out of your way if you are home and is very cognizant of your space. Greg is a 10+ and we would recommend him to absolutely anyone needing a carpet cleaning.”